Plan for Growth

As part of Commissioner Eggleston’s campaign for re-election, he’s developing a second term “Plan for Growth” which will be released in full in mid-January. Below is a summary of the action items which focus on three key areas” Smart Government/Fiscal Responsibility, Redevelopment and Sustainability, and Pro-Business and Promotion Initiatives. These three focus areas will be the foundation for Commissioner Eggleston’s work in the second term. A downloadable document will be generated and released here with expanded goals in mid-January.

Smart Government/Fiscal Responsibility

We have limited resources and need to use them wisely, to make smart investments for the future. My plan involves getting the greatest return on whatever investments we make through planning and comprehensive planning.

  • Continue to hold the line on taxes and spending, while making smart investments for the future.
  • Collaborate with the municipalities in the County to reduce costs, streamline services, and make the best use of limited resources.
  • Pushing Harrisburg and Washington D.C. for more investment in Warren County.

Redevelopment and Sustainability

Warren County is not only a beautiful place to live but also a safe and healthy place to raise a family. I plan to keep it that way by addressing blight and redevelopment and creating and improving programs to keep our environment clean for future generations.

  • Create a comprehensive recycling and sustainability program which will reduce waste in our forests and rivers.
  • Push for and promote residential and commercial tax incentive programs to help spark redevelopment and growth.
  • Create comprehensive redevelopment initiatives based on the Redevelopment and Marketing Task Force reports.
  • Focus on and support Human Services in Warren County to address our serious mental health and rehabilitation needs.

Pro-Business and Promotion Initiatives

To grow the County, we need to grow local businesses. The time for half measures is over. We need leadership for the future and we need Commissioners who are proactive and engaged with local businesses.

  • Promote tax incentive programs to help our current businesses grow and entice new businesses to come and invest in the community.
  • Work through the Marketing Task Force to expand tourism and promotion to both bring consumers to our area, but also to help businesses recruit skilled workers.
  • Work with Northern Pennsylvania Regional College to build partnerships and retrain our workforce for today’s jobs.