Meet Jeff

Eggleston Family with CCAP Award Jeff Eggleston was born in Erie, Pennsylvania in November of 1976 to John and Karen Eggleston. He’s spent the majority of his life growing up and living in Warren County, being raised in a modest, working-class household. In the early part of Jeff’s life, he worked with his father, a carpenter for 25 years at the time, and learned the value of labor.

In his early 20s, having graduated from Pittsburgh Technical Institute with a degree in graphic design, Jeff moved to Pittsburgh and began his formal career in marketing and advertising. Jeff would spend the next twenty years of his life marketing and promoting a variety of businesses, large and small. He spent time working Pittsburgh, Jamestown, and Washington DC before finally settling in Warren in 2003 and began working for Blair Corporation as a web developer.

In 2004, Jeff would make the first (of many) life-changing decisions when he began his path to recovery from alcoholism. For over a decade, Jeff had struggled with the disease culminating in a DUI arrest in 2004. Jeff would eventually begin treatment at Deerfield Behavioral Health and then enter local twelve-step recovery groups and took an active role in the recovery community. He stated that to this day, “it was the best decision I ever made in my life.” Eggleston still attends recovery meetings to support others in need and has recently celebrated 14 years of full recovery.

Around the same time Jeff’s Father, John Eggleston, became a Warren County Commissioner. Jeff supported his fathers run and campaigned for him. This was Jeff’s first formal introduction to politics. As time progressed, Jeff became more involved in politics and government, organizing the Obama campaign in Warren County, and eventually becoming a State Committee Member for the State Democratic Party in Warren County in 2014.

In 2010, Jeff’s life changed again forever when he met Emily Carlson through a mutual friend. Their courtship was quick and in the same year they were married and had their first child, Owen Eggleston. Within two years their second son was born, Eli, which would set off another series of life-changing events.

Due to engaging in screaming fits when babies cried, and many other early warning signs, Jeff and Emily took their son, Owen, to be evaluated in 2013 and discovered he had Autism Spectrum Disorder. This, at the time, was difficult to understand. Nonetheless, they jumped in with both feet and have spent the subsequent years working to get Owen every support he could use and advocating for special needs children. Eli was later diagnosed with Autism as well. In all cases, Emily and Jeff have a deep love of their children and function in their roles always with their children’s future in mind.

John Eggleston and Jeff EgglestonIn 2015, Jeff Eggleston ran for and won election as a County Commissioner in Warren, taking over for his Father after twelve years of service. This was an emotional transition as the day he was sworn in, was the same day his Father entered retirement.

Jeff, since being sworn in, has taken to the job of Commissioner like a fish to water. This position has allowed him to engage in his passionate love of public service and help the citizenry. Jeff takes this job incredibly seriously, dedicating countless late-night hours to review documents, test ideas, and make new allies in the effort to turn Warren County around.

Jeff Eggleston believes in Warren County and in its future. We need people like Jeff who are going to bring a sense of passion and urgency to elected positions. That’s the only way we’re going to stop the population loss and the steady decline of services and amenities in the community. Please vote for and support Jeff Eggleston in 2019 in his race for re-election to the office of Commissioner. You can count on him to work tirelessly on your behalf.