Warren, PA — Annually, the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP) recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to county government. The awards are among the highest honors offered by the Association and include awards for Outstanding Commissioner, Outstanding Chief Clerk, Outstanding Solicitor, and Friend of County Government. This year Commissioner Jeff Eggleston was chosen to receive the “Outstanding Commissioner Award for 2018” in Pennsylvania during CCAP’s Awards Banquet on Tuesday, August 7 in Gettysburg, PA.

“This is an incredible honor and I am truly humbled by the award,” stated Eggleston, “I hold the County Commissioners Association in incredibly high regard, so any recognition by them is truly extraordinary.”

Eggleston Family with CCAP Award

Eggleston Family with CCAP Award

The Annual Outstanding Commissioner Award has been given out since 1991, with thirty total recipients due to some years two commissioners jointly receiving an award. No Commissioner from Warren County has ever received the prestigious award. The award is generally distributed evenly between party lines, with three of the past five winners being Republicans. There are about 250 eligible commissioners and county council members in the state and the award recipient is selected by CCAP from general nominations submitted during the open nomination period.

The criteria for the award nomination includes: “The recipient of the award has contributed substantially to the following: The advancement of county government in general, providing leadership through innovative programs, communication, education and through active participation in Association affairs; the improvement of their county’s government, providing leadership through innovative programs, and communication and leadership; outstanding service to their constituents; strengthening ethical standards for county government; service, through the example of excellent ethical and moral conduct in performing the duties of office.”

As part of his acceptance speech, Eggleston thanked the staff “for all they do” including Pam Matve for her hard work and keeping the Commissioners’ Office moving forward, his fellow Commissioners, and his family for their support, especially his wife. “No one has sacrificed more for this than perhaps my wife, Emily. She’s been so supportive and given me immense amounts of time to attend meetings and community events while looking after our two boys. Really, to be honest, this is her award just as much as it is mine.”

Commissioner Kafferlin in a statement at a recent Commissioners meeting thanked Eggleston for his “hard work” and “bringing this type of honor to Warren County. Thank you for making us proud.”

Eggleston concluded stating, “I have never loved a job the way I love this job. It is such a blessing to see children in our human services department being adopted by loving families or to run into former inmates who have chosen a different path due to the intervention of our various programs. To receive any recognition in this environment is truly humbling. So, I thank you to everyone for all of your support.”

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