Friday, March 1, 2019 – Warren, PA – Warren County Commissioner, Jeff Eggleston, who has previously announced his candidacy for Commissioner in the 2019 election. He now has a running-mate, Paul Giannini, current City Councilman for Warren and an IT professional working for Pennsylvania General Energy. They are running a joint campaign for Commissioner as a team.

Paul Giannini is a 1995 graduate of Warren Area High School and a 2000 graduate of Penn State University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. Since graduating, Mr. Giannini has spent his career working in the technology industry, first as a Senior Systems Engineer for Current Technologies in Germantown, Maryland, a smart grid and broadband provider. In 2009 he became an IT Specialist with the Warren County School District and in 2012 became Senior Systems Engineer for Pennsylvania General Energy, where he is currently employed.

In launching this campaign officially, Mr. Giannini stated, “I am excited for the opportunity to run with Mr. Eggleston for the office of Commissioner on the Democratic ticket. I believe I am ready to serve on day one and that Commissioner Eggleston would make a great team that will bring technological advancement and positive change.”

Aside from the technological experience Mr. Giannini intends to bring to the Commissioners Office, he also offers a great history of community service. Giannini is currently serving on Warren City Council and has been a fiscally conservative voice opposing the Roundabout and working to hold the line on City taxes. He has volunteered for years as a board member of the Habitat for Humanity of Warren County, where he currently serves as Vice President. He works as a PIAA Official for District 10 football games.

Eggleston stated, “I couldn’t be happier to have Mr. Giannini as a running-mate. We need smart, business savvy folks to run for office and create plans for growth in the community. Paul has a track record of innovative ideas and I believe, together, we could take on even bigger and better projects in the Commissioners Office.”

Mr. Giannini continued: “With Federal and State governments pushing more and more of the burden on local municipalities it is important to me that Warren County has new ideas and solutions to our problems so we prosper as community in years to come.” He is committed to working to bring his technology background and experience in public service to Warren County and to help move the County into the future with forward-thinking solutions. Their platform includes:

  • More strategic and long-range planning to further chart a course for success both economically and with vital services.
  • Pushing for Great Broadband in Warren County. Our community has some of the lowest broadband connectivity in the state. Mr. Giannini and Mr. Eggleston intend to address that by using their extensive tech background to spearhead creative and bold initiatives in conjunction with the State and Federal Governments.
  • More community organization and collaboration. With limited resources, we need to come together and work in concert with each other. Our various taskforces have shown the positive impact collaboration can have.
  • Continue focusing on mental health services, both in the community and in the prison system. Our needs are great and only with creativity and determination are we going to improve and expand those needed services.
  • The opening of a comprehensive recycling center, where citizens can bring electronics, household hazardous chemicals, tires, and other difficult to recycle items while pushing for keeping our rivers, streams, and forests clean from trash and poisonous chemicals.
  • More business recruitment and business expansion. We have strong businesses in Warren County that we need to collaborate with to help them grow. We also need to create a friendly environment for new businesses to develop and come and invest in Warren County.

“I believe in Warren County,” said Commissioner Eggleston in conclusion. “In rural Pennsylvania, it’s easy for folks to feel like their best days are behind them, but what I’ve seen in the past 3 years is what has been the hallmark of our community, which is a focus on hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit. If we focus on that, I think we can do anything, and so that’s what I am going to do for the people of Warren County.”

Giannini concluded, “I am ready to serve and produce for the people of Warren County. Please vote for us in the May 21st primary election. We’ll do everything we can to build and grow Warren County.”

Paul Giannini is 39 years old and resides in Warren with his wife, Brandi Giannini, and their dogs, Angie and Luigi.

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