Northern Pennsylvania Regional College (NPRC)

300 Second Avenue Redevelopment LogoOne of the biggest stories of 2017-2018 was the securing of the (NPRC) Northern Pennsylvania Regional College’s administrative offices in Warren County. This new university, created by the state legislature is a cutting-edge program which has come to Warren County.

Commissioner Eggleston, along with other community leaders, pitched Warren County on its merits and (out of nine proposed counties) was selected to house the base for the university. This represents the first major investment in post-secondary education in Warren County by the state of Pennsylvania in over 40 years. The College brings a $1 million payroll to the County and has created dozens of jobs.

The Commissioner also pushed for $100,000 in matching funds to be allocated for the home offices which brought down over $1.6 million in additional grant funding from the state and regional foundations to redevelop the former PNC Bank building on Liberty Street, making it a viable office space for years to come and saving it from becoming blighted.

2018 CCAP Award for Outstanding Commissioner of the Year in Pennsylvania

Eggleston Family with CCAP AwardAnnually, the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP) recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to county government. The awards are among the highest honors offered by the Association. This year Commissioner Jeff Eggleston was chosen to receive the “Outstanding Commissioner Award for 2018” in Pennsylvania during CCAP’s Awards Banquet in August of 2018.

The criteria for the award nomination includes: “The recipient of the award has contributed substantially to the following: The advancement of county government, providing leadership through innovative programs, communication, education and through active participation in Association affairs; outstanding service to their constituents; strengthening ethical standards for county government; service, through the example of excellent ethical and moral conduct in performing the duties of the office.”

“This is an incredible honor and  I am truly humbled by the award,” stated Eggleston, “I hold the County Commissioners Association in high regard, so any recognition by them is truly extraordinary.”

The Annual Award has been given out since 1991, with thirty total recipients. No Commissioner from Warren County has ever received the prestigious award. The award is generally distributed evenly between part lines, with three of the past five winners being Republicans. There are about 250 eligible commissioners and county council members in the state and the award recipient is selected by CCAP from general nominations submitted during the open nomination period.

“I have never loved a job the way I love this job.” said Eggleston. “To receive any recognition by this association for this work is truly humbling. So, I thank you to everyone for all of your support.”


Northwest County Commissioners Association (NWCCA) President — Ran for and won the nomination as President of the NWCCA in 2018. Commissioner Eggleston is the first Warren County Commissioner to hold the post in its history. From that position, Commissioner Eggleston instituted a data gathering program so that Counties could compare staffing, budgets, policy, and other business-related items to make better and more informed decisions. Commissioner Eggleston is also leading the group in an effort to create a consortium to purchase election equipment at a discount for the region.

Community Development

Commissioner Eggleston - Bike/Hike Trail BenchesExpanded Benches on Bike/Hike Trail —Worked with Boy Scouts to purchase and install new artisanal concrete benches on the trail (using Act 13 funds) in response to calls from citizens.

Career Center Partnership — Worked with Career Center Construction Programs to allow municipalities to request small construction projects for recreational uses to be funded via Act 13 funds and built by Career Center students.

DAV (Disabled American Veterans) — To help DAV volunteer drivers deal with weather and eliminate snow removal, Eggleston secured funding for carports for all DAV vehicles.

Raised Money in Support of ACC — Commissioner Eggleston began working with ACC Executive Director, Sue Himes, to put together a fundraising mailer to help generate revenue as state funding continues to decline putting our senior centers at risk. To date, the mailing campaigns Commissioner Eggleston has designed have raised almost $15,000 in the past year and a half to support the Allegheny Community Center.

Human Services

Bollinger Enterprises Inc. (BEi) — Worked with County staff and Bollinger Chief Executive, Dr. Bill Clark, to create a program, in County facilities allowing persons with disabilities to work during the day cleaning and performing other duties while accommodating new state regulations to further integrate them into the workforce.

Commissioner Eggleston - Human Services SummitHuman Services Summit — Initiated first “Summit” of all Human Services providers and interested parties. After four days of work by over 40 individuals, the group produced an 80+ page report which is being used to positively reshape Human Services in Warren County.

Ruth Smith Center Additional Funding — The Center in Sheffield, which provides a place for persons with disabilities to live and receive care in the County, was having troubles with being underfunded by the State. Commissioner Eggleston worked with the Director of DHS and other staff to find funding solutions which allowed the Ruth Smith to continue providing their valuable services to the community.

Mental Health Awareness Month — Helped initiate (through Systems of Care) a “Build a Tree” program where students and supportive businesses would build a tree as an art project and find ways to share their thoughts and ideas on Mental Health. The Commissioner built a website ( that outlined the project and promoted Mental Health Awareness. With the participation of the School District, Head Start, Beacon Light, and other organizations, a huge plethora of artwork was created and then showcased at the “Mental Health Symposium” at the end of the month.

Marketing & Development

Marketing TaskforceMarketing Task Force — Eggleston pulled together thought leaders in the community to produce a 90+ page report with dozens of recommendations on how to better market and promote Warren County. Both this report and the Redevelopment Report will be incorporated into the County’s comprehensive plan and save the County tens of thousands of dollars in consultant fees next year.

Redevelopment Task Force — In order to address blighted property and commercial property redevelopment, Commissioner Eggleston initiated a task force to review key redevelopment areas and produce recommendations. After months of work, the group has produced a 76-page report with detailed project recommendations to reshape Warren County.

Environmental Advocacy

Commissioner Eggleston Allegheny River CleanupAllegheny River Cleanup — Attended and supported the ARC, helping to gather debris. Also pushed for County Act 13 funds to support the River Cleanup financially.

Recycling Program — Toured and worked in multiple regional recycling facilities to gather information. Also secured a $50,000 grant from DEP to work with a recycling consultant on a County comprehensive recycling program.

Tech Upgrades

Emergency Management Radio Project — First responders have been functioning with very old, outdated, and failing radio equipment over the past few decades. In a project driven by Commissioner Ben Kafferlin, which would save the County substantial sums of money in upgrade costs, Commissioner Eggleston provided support for the purchase and integration of new radio equipment by the County. This system will allow first responders to communicate with each other in real-time on the same system, tap into the State Police radio tower system and speak directly to the State Police on their system, and increase radio coverage in the County from about 75% to 99.5% coverage eliminating “dead zones” in the radio system. This is a huge gain for teh County in its effort to keep its citizens safe and a much needed improvement at a dramatically reduced cost.
Website Update — Commissioner Eggleston personally rebuilt the County’s website, saving taxpayers an estimated $10,000 in development costs, which increased traffic and accessibility. This included expanded contact forms, so citizens could contact departments directly, access archived documents and forms eliminating the need to come to the Courthouse and reducing foot traffic.

Assessment Data Online — Worked with Assessment Department to put all County Assessment data online, free of charge, so citizens can track their property data without having to go to the Courthouse and pay for printouts.

Website Award — The county website won the County Commissioners Association Award for “Excellence in Websites” in the State of Pennsylvania in 2017.

Fiscal Software — Through the Commissioners support for the EIP program, the county is receiving a $75,000 grant for new fiscal software which will allow the administration to better manage the County’s finances.

Increased Online Access — The Commissioner installed numerous online forms which allow citizens to more easily make open records requests and receive information.

Commissioners Videos — Began recording meetings using an iPhone and published public meetings online for citizens to watch who are unable to attend meetings.

Virtual Municipal HUB — To help municipal Secretaries share information and help municipalities coordinate, Commissioner Eggleston created a website that would allow Secretaries to log-in and post and share information. This was initiatlly called the “Virtual HUB” and generated a data warehouse for ordinances, maps, meeting minutes, and other digital files as well as an online forum for secretaries to share information. This was “free of charge” and runs on the County’s server system.